An Index of Picture Books by Eileen Christelow

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NEW Book!

Books about the Desperate Dog!

The first story about the Desperate Dog!

Letters From a Desperate Dog
Clarion Books—2006
ISBN 978–0–618–79362–4 (hardcover)

"A delightful romp . . . along with all the silly fun, there are also some heartfelt messages about friendship and the bond between animals and their human companions."

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ALA Booklist

—Bank Street College of Education—A Best Children’s book of the Year
—IRA/CBC Children’s Choice

The Desperate Dog returns!

The Desperate Dog Writes Again
Clarion Books – 2010
ISBN: 978–0–547–24205–7 (hardcover)
Ages: 4–8

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“Pitch perfect for those children adjusting to a new person in their lives.” —Kirkus

—A Junior Library Guild Selection


978–0–618–24754–7 (hard cover)
978–0–618–48606–9 (paperback)

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"It's hard to imagine a more accessible introduction to voting."

—ALA Booklist, starred review


Two favorite books combined in one volume!

What Do Authors and Illustrators Do?

Clarion/ HMHbooks - available, July, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-547-97260-2

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What Do Authors Do?

"Librarians and teachers introducing the writing process will find this title very useful."
—School Library Journal, starred review

What Do Illustrators Do?

". . . sure to spark youngsters' curiosity and creativity . . ." —School Library Journal, starred review

An ALA Notable Children's Book - 1999

Monkey Books!

An Original Board Book for your LITTLEST monkeys!

Five Little Monkeys Jump in the Bath

A NEW story filled with silly words!

Ages: 0-3

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books - 2012

ISBN: 978-0-547-87527-9  (board book)


Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed —1989

978–0–89919–769–2 (hardcover)
978–0–395–55701–3 (paper)
978–0–395–60015–0 (audio cassette)
978–0–395–90023–9 (board book)
1978–0–618–56442–2 (bilingual edition
(English/Spanish—board book)

IRA/CBC Children’s Choice

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree —1991

978-0-395-54434-1 (hardcover)
978-0-365-66413-1 (paper)
978-0-395-98033-0 (board book)
978-0-395-72090-5 (audio cassette)
978-0-618-75248-5 (bilingual English/Spanish —board book)

IRA/CBC Children’s Choice —1992

Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake —1993
formerly titled Don’t Wake Up Mama

978-0-395-54434-1 (hardcover)
978-0-395-66413-8 (paper)
978-0-395-72090-5 (audio cassette)
978-0-395-98033-3 (board book)

IRA/CBC Children’s Choice —1993

Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do

ISBN 978–0–395–75830–4 (hardcover)
978–0–618–04032–2 (paper)
978–0–618–24615–1 (board)
978–0–618–89423–9 (bilingual Spanish/English
board book)

“Pure silliness—just the kind kids like.” —ALA Booklist

Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car

978-0-395-92566-9 (hardcover)
978-0-618-48602-1 (paper)

IRA/CBC Children’s Choice—2001

Five Little Monkeys Play Hide-and-Seek

ISBN 978–0–618–40949–5 (hardcover)

978-0-547-33787-6 (paper)


“. . . a delightful choice for a group setting or for one-on-one sharing.” —School Library Journal

Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping


ISBN 978-0-618-821617 (hardcover)

978-0547-74451-3  (paper)

"Kids will love the slapstick plot and energetic, expressive characters, and surprising conclusion,  ... seamless integration of math skills from counting to addition and subtraction." — School Library Journal"

Five Little Monkeys Reading In Bed

Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2011
ISBN: 978-0547-38610-2 (hardcover)

“Reading promotion at its best, with a little bit of bad behavior to spice things up.” —Kirkus Reviews

Five Little Monkeys Trick-or-Treat

Clarion - 2013

ISBN: 978-0-547-85893-7 (hardcover)


Books Inspired by True Stories:

The Five-Dog Night —1993
978-0-395-62399-2 (Hardcover)
978-0-395-92862-2 (paper)

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Top 40 New England children’s books —Yankee magazine

A new wrinkle on a classic tale!

Where's the Big Bad Wolf? —2002
ISBN 978–0–618–18194–0

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—One of Smithsonian’s 'Notable Books for Children', 2002
—Gold Best Book Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

The saga of the missing pigs—in two books

The Great Pig Escape —1994
ISBN 978-0-395-66973-0 (hardcover)
978-0-395-79724-2 (paper)
978-0-618-37842-5 (audiocassette)

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Book Links “Salutes a Few Good Books”

The Great Pig Search —2001
978-0-618-04910 (hardcover)

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Starred Review - School Library Journal —Best Picture Books of 2001

Not Until Christmas, Walter! —1997


“. . .Don’t wait until Christmas to share this entertaining romp one-on-one or in a family read-aloud.” —School Library Journal

Early Books:

Eventually, sadly, books go out-of-print. Some of these books can still be found in library collections or in used bookstores. Occasionally publishers decide to revive them. I do not have book pages for these books—yet.

Books about Henry Rabbit


Henry and the Red Stripes

My FIRST Book!  —1982

Adventures of a head-strong bunny.


Wisconsin Golden Archer Award

Junior Library Guild Selection

Henry and the Dragon —1984

Henry Rabbit is SURE there is a dragon in his bedroom! He sees a dragon-shadow on his wall  and he hears a rustling noise outside his window...


Pick of the Crop in Picture Books

—Boston Globe

Junior Library Guild Selection



Mr Murphy's Marvelous Invention ­­—1983

A story about the porcine inventor of gadgets—useful and...not-so-useful.


Books About Jerome, the Alligator!

Jerome the Babysitter —1985

Jerome's big sister, Winifred, sets him up with the all-time worst babysitting job.


Children's Choice—1986

Jerome and the Witchcraft Kids —1988

Jerome's babysitting success has gone to his head; so his sister, Winifred, decides to deflate his ego with an unusual Halloween job.


Junior Library Guild Selection

Jerome Camps Out —1998

Ten years later—another book about Jerome!

This time, he's on a school camping trip, dealing with tent-mate, Buster, the class bully.


“. . . just the right touch of light humor to the serious problem of bullying."

—School Library Journal

Mysteries and Misadventure!

Two stories about Glenda Feathers, a feather-brained chicken who, helpful as she tries to be, just can't avoid pulling herself and her friends into crazy misadventure.

The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner —1986

Diamonds are missing! Can Glenda Feathers foil the robbers?

A Reading Rainbow selection

Children's Choice—1987

Glenda Feathers Casts a Spell —1990

Craving adventure, Glenda Feathers  finds a job at Miss Marvel's Witch Agency. Miss Marvel quickly finds her new employee has no talent for casting spells; so Glenda is left behind to answer the phone.  As she is about to despair, two clients show up...and the misadventure begins!


Junior Library Guild selection

Gertrude, the Bulldog Detective —1992

A valuable vase has been stolen from the local museum. Will Gertrude apprehend the feline thieves?


"...fresh as a spring breeze."  —ALA Booklist


Olive and the Magic Hat —1987

Olive and her brother, Otis, think father's birthday hat looks like a magic hat. Olive can't resist trying just one 'abracadabra' ...and accidentally knocks the hat out the window...

A story with "...much appeal to young listeners: suspense...danger...a birthday celebration, and family love." —School Library Journal